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Our Language Buddies are here to help you practice and learn in a fun and interactive way. Choose your buddy and start improving your language skills today!

Each language buddy have they own set of skills and abilities to help your practice languages faster and better!

Automatic correction!

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. LangBuddy AI will correct your mistakes and help you improve!

Carlota (
Hola Kevin. ¿Cómo va tu día?bien, me boy a tomar un espresso en un minutoCorrection
¡Bien! Me voy a tomar un espresso en un minuto.

- voy : "boy" is incorrect, the correct spelling is "voy" which means "I go" or "I am going".
¡Perfecto! Un buen espresso siempre es un buen comienzo para el día.

Train your ear to the language!

Receive audio messages from your LangBuddy and train your ear to the language!

Carlota (
¡Hola Carlota! tranquilo ¿Cómo estuvo el paseo?

Customisable Settings

Customise your LangBuddy to your needs.

You can select different correction levels, how your mistake should be explained and even get a full translation of what's beeing said in your native languages.

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